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Make The Best Novelty Cakes

Special Novelty CakesSpecial Novelty Cakes

With busy lifestyles today, it's all too easy to say "I do not have time to make the cake yourself", and not many people choose to take a birthday cake from a local supermarket. However, a novelty cake that is unique and special for the person really can make their day.

Favorite Novelty CakesFavorite Novelty Cakes

Cake decorating is a very pleasant, but the first rule is to plan. Having a clear idea in your mind about what a cake should be and what to expect will look like will be helpful - maybe you can follow the recipe or the design of the book or find pictures to copy. It is also important to have all the right equipment ready - tins, cutters, brushes, food color, etc.

Perfect Novelty Cakes Perfect Novelty Cakes

If you decide to design your own novelty cakes, the best idea is to draw a design on a sheet of paper. A very good tip is to split it into several parts, so attractive designs so and then divide it into different sections. For example, creating a Fire Engine for a birthday cake boy would involve splitting the cake into rectangles and layering them on one end to create the correct shape. By deconstructing designs in this way you are less likely to make mistakes. Another good tip is to carve the cake from frozen, providing you with a much firmer basis for cutting - even temporarily!

Creative Novelty CakesCreative Novelty Cakes

This is all well and good having excellent design, but evidence of success is in the tasting cake. It is important that the novelty cake design has a good internal structure that can withstand heavy sugarpaste which is being used, and there are a number of options from the sponge cake vanilla to chocolate or fruit.

Exclusive Novelty CakesExclusive Novelty Cakes

After the cake is made, split and applying charging. It is also very important that the smooth surface of novelty cakes. This is ideal if you can close the layer cake with buttercream. This will act like glue, which allows the sugarpaste to stick to it.

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