Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Most Popular 21st Birthday Cake DesignsMost Popular 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Cake Design Ideas. Teddy Bear: For one year old baby, a girl sixteen years old, or aging father, a teddy bear cake is a good birthday ideas for a loved one. Its sentimental and caring. The best way is made for someone who has a warm personality.

Special 21st Birthday Cake DesignsSpecial 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Action Toy Cake: This cake is great design ideas for boys between five and eleven years of age. Action hero is a popular theme for boys at this age, and designing a cake that match this interest is a good idea. If you are not sure what your tot like, just watch what he watched on Saturday morning.

Vintage 21st Birthday Cake DesignsVintage 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Sports Cake: This is a great idea for almost all men in one's life, whether they be five or one hundred and five. Sports designed birthday cake is very popular with boys or men. They are often easy to make, and go great with season tickets as a birthday gift!

Latest 21st Birthday Cake DesignsLatest 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Work or Career Cake: A great idea for people with unusual jobs or careers. This is a great idea for dad or even for the boss at work. This idea has only two shortcomings: 1) You can only use once in a long time, and 2) Does not exist if the profession the subject of this cake is not going well.

Elegant 21st Birthday Cake DesignsElegant 21st Birthday Cake Designs

Holiday Themes: If your subject's birthday falls on or near the famous vacation, you can design your cake on the holiday. Halloween is always a popular time, such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. You can even plan a holiday party and call it a birthday party as well.

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