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Chocolate Sponge Recipes, Chocolate Sponge Recipes Pictures

When you prepare the cake in front of all components, please check whether that is ready to reach easily. Please check that the correct ingredients in order to properly weigh the scale. That amount, while baking, it is recommended not to guess the time and temperature. It must be a flour sieve to remove lumps in it. Use tools and equipment, clean and dry, please check that it is hygienic. The oven also, please to be the right temperature.

Chocolate Sponge Recipes PictureChocolate Sponge Recipes Picture

100 grams. All-purpose flour / 1 cup
4 tbsp. Cocoa powder
200 GM. Milkmaid (condensed milk)
Tsp ½. Baking powder
Teaspoon ¼. Soda - PVC - carbohydrates.
50 grams. Butter
3-4 drops vanilla essence

Method: Sieve cocoa powder, baking powder, soda - vinyl - flour and carbohydrates. Milkmaid Cream butter and lightly with a spatula. Mix in the flour mixture and beat with beater sifted to obtain a smooth batter lightly. Add essence and mix well. Pour the batter in a tin lined with grease. Bake at 180degrees C for 20-25 minutes. Place the tin on a wire rack. To remove the inverted cake tin, separating the paper lining and cool.Dust with powdered sugar if you need a plain sponge cake. But you just prefer a plain sponge cake, chocolate cream and if you want to do it, as shown below, leaving a plain cake according to the method:

Image For Chocolate Sponge Recipes

Place it on a smooth surface overturn the cake. If it does not stand, a little slice base to give a smooth surface it correctly. Cut the cake horizontally in half, sprinkle the sugar syrup around * all lower slices to soften the cake properly. Pour chocolate sauce over all and smooth with a palette knife now. Place the rest of the cake all around the cake and also a source of syrup on top and repetition. It can be decorated in any way.

Recipes to make sugar syrup: 200 ml. Water, 60 grams. Sugar, Boil sugar in water until sugar is dissolved. Cool and use.

Recipe for making chocolate sauce:
½ cup cocoa powder
1 ½ cups sugar
2 cups milk
1 cup water
2 tbsp. Butter

Mixing the above ingredients in a heavy bottomed pan and heat over low flame thick. In order to avoid forming lumps, please stirring at intervals. Thick consistency it is necessary and the source, ie, cook until it is. Cool before storing in the refrigerator.

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