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Special Frozen Hot Chocolate, Favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate, Frozen Hot Chocolate Slideshow

Serendipity frozen hot chocolate is a signature dish at the Serendipity 3 located in the heart of the Upper East Side of New York is. The location is in general a combination of shops and restaurants cafes and soda fountains, offers the most famous dessert in New York.

Special Frozen Hot Chocolate
Special Frozen Hot Chocolate, order

Serendipity in New York with his two partners in 1954 Steven Bruce, Calvin Holt and Preston "Patch" was founded by Caradine. Since that time Stephen Bruce has been asked constantly in order to reveal a secret about his Serendipity frozen hot chocolate recipe for him. Jackie Kennedy, Want to provide a dessert at a White House event, he did not give away his secret.

Favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate
Favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate, order

Serendipity frozen hot chocolate is whipped cream, topped with fishbowl-shaped goblet with shaved chocolate along with a spoon straws are available in a chocolate type of dessert ice. This frosty creation is made with exotic cocoas blended with more than 14 kinds of chocolate-rich mud.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Photo
Frozen Hot Chocolate Photo, order

Oprah preparation and taste of this frozen one "dance on the chandeliers!" Queen of daytime television's hopes that this one was chosen for her "Favorite Things." Serendipity frozen hot chocolate this the secret recipe has finally been revealed after 50 years. Serendipity 3 Restaurant in New York City to be able to make this unbelievable drink at home you are actually giving the recipe. It is very simple.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Slideshow
Frozen Hot Chocolate Slideshow, order

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